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We offer a wide range of product design and development capabilities from one-off prototypes to volume production.
Circuit design/Schematic Capture
    Digital, analog, mixed signal
    Simple to complex
    Design For Testability (DFT)
Embedded Firmware/Software Development
    Atmel, Freescale, Microchip, Intel, etc.
    Data collection, processing,
    storage, communication
    Process control, PID loops
    User interaction
    Board & System Level Validation
    Reliability testing
    Volume Production Test Development
Graphical User Interface/ Configuration Software
PC interaction/storage
   Device configuration, user settings


PCB Layout
    Single to multiple layers
    SMT, Through Hole, mixed
    Design For Manufacturability (DFM)
    Noise immunity, multiple grounds
Build Management
    Board fabrication and Assembly
    Parts procurement oversight
    Electrical and functional test development

Hardware/Interfacing Possibilities - mix and match to your needs. A partial list. We're always ready for something new/unique/different!
Wireless Communication
    GPRS/Cell, Bluetooth,
    RF direct, RFID, IR/remote
Wired Communication/Protocols
    UART, I2C, SPI, Ethernet, USB,
    custom/proprietary protocols
    GPS, atmospheric (temp, humidity, etc),
    strain, pressure, light, color, motion,
    distance, voltage/current/power
Digital Storage
    SD/uSD card, EEPROM, SRAM
    Motor control, Servo, Robotics, 
    limit sensors, gyro, accelerometer
User Output
    Color or monochrome LCD,
    Lighting control, VGA, NTSC, RGB LED,
Tones, Audio/MP3, PC Interfaces
User Input
    Buttons/Switches, Rotary Encoders,
    potentiometers, digital audio, keyboard,
      Complex Logic,
      Analog conditioning 
      Real Time Clocks, power supply/control


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