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Isolated USB Trigger
digital input device with built-in solid state relays

Emulate joystick or keyboard button inputs from external trigger signals.

The Isolated USB Trigger allows you to use your own  voltage source to simulate joystick buttons or keyboard strokes to trigger events on your computer.  A DC voltage of 3 to 48v applied to any of the 6 unique inputs will send the trigger to your computer.


  • Converts external triggers into USB joystick button pushes, or convert to keyboard strokes using the free software below.
  • 6 isolated inputs available, each is opto-isolated from the connected computer
    • No need for a relay to drive the trigger 
  • Screw Terminals for easy wire conntections.
  • No drivers to load.  Free software for simple keyboard emulation or advanced macros.Works on PC or Mac.

    $63.00 USD     Sold out, Sorry!


  • Instrumentation/data collection
  • Monitor equipment with Voltage outputs
  • Great for automotive applications


Requires USB "A" to "B" cable to connect to your computer. 
     6 foot USB cable available here for $4.50 USD 
Sold out, Sorry!


Free/Shareware Keyboard Simulation & Macro Utilities

  • JoytoKey (PC, by JTK Software)  Allows external triggers to emulate keystrokes (ex: button push 3 = keystroke 'A').  Easy to use, also good for checking basic functionality. 
  • AutoHotKey (PC, open-source)  Powerful utility to allow a custom action for each USB Trigger input (launch a program, pause/play audio, send a keystroke, etc).
    • JoystickTest  Sample script to display button states, good for checking basic functionality.
    • USBTriggerLaunch  Custom USB Trigger script by Travis at Sensorium Embedded.  Reads/parses all 24 inputs. Ready to customize to do whatever you need, see instructions inside the file.
  • USBOverdrive (Mac, by Alessandro Levi Montalcini)  Emulates keystrokes, also has advanced functionality. Preferred by Mac users.
  • C# Joystick Library by Mark Harris. For C# developers wishing to incorporate USB Triggers as direct inputs to their application, uses Managed DirectX.

Technical Details:

  • Uses Windows/Mac default Human Interface Device (HID) game controller/joystick driver.
  • Aplcation of 3 to 48VDC between any channel number and ground connection tells the computer that a joystick button is being "pressed".
    • 0 to +2VDC tells the computer that the joystick button is "released"
  • Simulates joystick buttons 1-6 natively, Use JoyToKey to convert to a keyboard stoke.
  • Device itself is USB powered, no additional power supply needed.
  • Provides isolation from the host computer to avoid ground loops
  • Two GND screw terminals provided for convenience, can use either or both.
  • 10mS switch debounce built in
      1 ea $63.00 USD     Sold out, Sorry!

       10 ea $595.00 USD     Sold out, Sorry!

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              USPS Priority international is typically 2-5 week delivery

Wiring Example:

     Wiring Diagram          
 Function Represented
1  External Device State
3  Red Button State
5  Other Pushbutton State
6  Power Present
2, 4  not used

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